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  • Lacey Hibner, LCDC, LSW, practicing at the Celina location

    My treatment approach is client centered and solution focused. I strive to provide a confidential and safe place for you. I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

    My focus with counseling is providing a safe environment for healing, growth, and wellness through a journey that is led by you. When looking at trauma, grief, depression, and other mental health issues with every day stress, counseling can help provide an environment that is safe and confidential to provide healing. I’m passionate about working with those who have experienced hardship and in helping them heal wounds that may be recent or old. Together, we work on focusing on your strengths and identifying unique positive qualities that make you resilient to hardships.

    I feel so blessed to help you feel better and gain new insight into situations. We will work together on techniques that can increase empowerment, reduce anxiety and depression, and look at situations with a new perspective. We will work together to improve relationships, thought patterns, self-care, and overall wellness to live the most meaningful life possible.

    I love providing a safe place for you and allowing you to explore past and current struggles. Your willingness to try new things in the face of adversity is very inspiring, and I’m honored to be the one to help you work through your new and continuing journey.