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  • Shannan Byers, LCDCIII

    As an Addictions Counselor with over ten years of listening and learning from others, to quote Audrey Hepburn, “Nothing is impossible: the word itself says I’m Possible.” My work experience has ranged from being an addictions counselor with Community Mental Health to overseeing daily operations as the Executive Director for a Recovery Program assisting court-involved men in learning how to live sober and successfully complete probation. Regardless of the work setting, I have been privileged to help others heal from past wounds, learn to make better life decisions, obtain gainful employment, reunite with their loved ones and recover from substance abuse and addiction. As a counselor, my approach is to meet a person where they are at, and provide a trusting, safe and non-judgmental environment that allows a person to express their thoughts and feelings. It has been rewarding to witness a person move from a place of hopelessness and shame as a result of alcohol or substance use into a space of being hopeful about their future and loving the person they have become as a result of sober living.


    I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III having obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Ohio University, specializing in Chemical Dependency. I am an advocate for the lost and hurting and will always strive to educate, support and guide those who have been struggling with addiction or have experienced life complications as a result of using a mood-altering substance. I look forward to our first meeting as we explore how to live life on life’s terms one day at a time.