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  • Erin Seitz, LISW-S, practicing at the Celina location

    I have a passion for serving others, and I’ve had the opportunity to serve many individuals during my 15 plus years working in the mental health field. My experience includes community mental health, residential, and school settings. I have worked with adults and children of all ages who were experiencing trauma, loss, emotional health difficulties, physical and intellectual disabilities, and more. I am especially passionate and knowledgeable about depression, anxiety, and childhood trauma and its impacts on development and long-term outcomes.

    Using supportive listening, warmth, empathy, and positive regard, I join with people on their journey to discover the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are keeping them stuck. By uncovering and addressing unhelpful thinking patterns and belief systems and beginning to see them differently, I believe that people can dramatically change their lives.

    I am dedicated to providing a safe and confidential therapy experience. I use a person-centered approach with the individuals I serve, meeting people where they are and helping them unpack what’s keeping them from getting where they’re going. I know that every person I serve has unique strengths, and I enjoy helping others discover or re-discover those strengths. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to walk beside you on your journey to wellness!